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Go-Go Gadget Morale Patches!

Go-Go Gadget Morale Patches!

Remember the cartoon the 'Inspector Gadget' show? That slinky, synthesized theme song probably still hovers at the corners of your consciousness, even today. Inspector Gadget had a tool or bag for every challenge — even if some of them resulted in some serious pyrotechnics and epic fails! But I digress — our new sling bag could quite aptly be described as "go-go-gadget" approved. Seriously, this bag is probably our most versatile piece of gear to date. If Gadget had ever carried it, he might have found a way to apprehend his cat-loving, sociopath arch nemesis, Dr. Claw.

The double zipper top opens the full length of bag for maximum accessibility. A cool, fun-to-play-with rare earth magnet closure secures the lid into place. The double-handle design lets you grip and unzip with ease. The interior features two standard, removable padded dividers. The modular design allows for unlimited configuration possibilities. Large zipper pulls are easy to open; even with gloved fingers. A 4" exterior hook and loop Velcro platform accommodates morale patches or additional small pouches. The bottom sleeve pocket is great for lashing larger items such as trekking poles. The interior lined with high visibility orange liner. The 2" double adjuster straps adjust size of waist belt (ya know, in case you over do it at Thanksgiving dinner and need to let it out a little). You can wear this bag as a waist bag, but with a few flourished of the hand and some unlatched Velcro, it can be worn as a sling/shoulder bag. You can also wear it as either a waist bag or sling bag. This bag is so awesome, you might even find yourself carrying it and singing "dute-te-dute-te-dute Inspector Gadget, dute-te-dute-te-dute-HOO-HOOT!" And as always, made in the USA.

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