All Terrain Traction Is A Trip Saver - Go Treads Deal (1 week only)


A good motto to live by when you’re preparing for any length of overland travel is: “plan for the best, prepare for the worst”. No-one ever intends to get stuck. It just kind of happens. But what tricks do you have up your sleeve to not just get out - but get out quick? Vehicle recovery doesn’t have to bring your trip to a standstill. You may not need to even break a sweat.

Whether encountering sand, snow, or mud, instant all terrain traction can be a trip saver! That’s why we keep Go Treads traction mats as an essential piece of our recovery gear arsenal - even for our daily driver.

Go Treads are:

  • Made in the USA.

  • Made of high grade polypropylene copolymer.

  • Super compact and lightweight.

  • Engineered for commercial and military use.

  • Can withstand any kind of abuse.

  • Powerful multi-hinge design allows for countouring under the tire.

  • They float (think: “I’m stuck on a boat ramp!”).

  • Easy to clean.

  • Can withstand the weight of a semi truck.

  • Can be used as leveling blocks when at camp.

  • Offers complete peace of mind and self-reliance.

  • Simple to use.

Now for one week only (from 6/20/19) when you buy 1 set (of 2) Go Treads traction mats you’ll get our custom designed BROG brand Go Treads storage bag (made in the USA as always) at 40% off. This is ‘first come, first serve’. Once we sell out the deal is done.