New in the Shop: Fridge Topper for Dometic CFX 40W / 50W

Your days of melting ice and soggy food are over with Dometic’s electric portable fridges and coolers. Blue Ridge Overland Gear is now a Dometic dealer and these portable fridges are perfect for taking your camp food experience to a new level. Cold beer and crisp ingredients can go anywhere your off-road vehicle can go.

Along with select Dometic fridge models we are also releasing our new Fridge Topper and Lid Organizer for Dometic CFX 40W and 50W. Like our Cooking Kit Bag the Fridge Topper is a great way to keep your camp cooking essentials in order and at hand.

A giant dual Velcro platform across the top will comfortably hold four 4x12x2" large velcro pouches. The first two pouches are included with the fridge topper, in a color combination of your choice. These pouches are an excellent place to store things like forks, spoons, (or sporks if you're the mad-efficient sort), knives, spices, matches, power cords, spatulas, lighters, your road-trip rock collection … you get the idea. It's great for small items!

Check out the new Fridge Topper and let us know what you think on Facebook and Instagram.