Taco-ma! Tacoma Month Wrap-Up

Tacoma month at Blue Ridge Overland Gear is coming to a close. To mark the occasion, the BROG crew celebrated the only way we know how — with tacos! Watch our video. It'll give you something to "taco" 'bout. (You see what we did there?!)

And because we love tacos so much here’s a little fun history about our favorite food:

In 2011, the world's biggest taco was created. It was over 246 ft. in length. Just imagine. You could wrap yourself in the thing and eat your way to freedom!

Tacos were in the Americas even before the first Europeans set foot here. Tacos were consumed and adored by indigenous tribes in Central America for thousands of years before the earliest explorers arrived. This delicious, culinary discovery had to have made _years_ of travel and exploration worth all the effort. Hernan Cortes wasn't really searching for gold, riches or glory; he just wanted lunch! Causing the fall of the Aztec Empire? _Pffft._ He could only have done that after a hearty lunch. (Probably tacos).

Oct. 4 is National Taco Day in the U.S. (We think we just found our new favorite holiday. We should celebrate — with tacos).

Americans (not surprisingly enough) consume over 4 billion tacos annually.

And a final life lesson — did you know you should _never_ trust a person who doesn't like tacos? You might even do well to wonder if this person is human at all! If they are no friend of tacos, they are no friends of ours.

Feeling enlightened? Or just hungry?!