Fully Kitted Tacoma Cab: Before and After

We recently worked with LT Wright Knives ambassador Grant Helms to get his 2017 Tacoma interior cab organized and kitted for his frequent overlanding, off-roading, and road trips. The goal was to find a place for all the essentials (including a well-used machete) and to make use of underutilized space in the truck. We put together a couple seat back panel kits, installed a Tacoma ‘attic’, visor panels, multi-purpose pouches, headrest velcro panel with one of our First Aid kit bags, and a new product just for Tacoma - the ‘Taco Tray’ center console organizer.

Even if you don’t own a Tacoma this is a great way to see how you can get the chaos of your truck or overlanding rig back in order and ready to ride.

Check out the gear in this video at the links below: