Unscientific Destructive Testing: Skottle Bag

Sometimes it's just fun to tear things apart! Picture a tower of newly stacked building blocks. Think of a giant sand castle, just calling out for a roundhouse kick. Imagine if you will, a pile of freshly raked leaves, begging to be body slammed (although after a certain age, don’t try it unless you can afford a good chiropractor. As a public service announcement — there’s still very solid ground under all that beautiful autumn foliage. But we digress, moving on …) Think of a hot pepperoni pizza, being disassembled and devoured — slice by cheesy, triangular, magnificent slice! And If you’re even 0.0001% redneck, you know you get a thrill out of blowing stuff up!

But there are somethings you just expect to hold up at little better than the average block tower, sand castle or Thoracic Vertebrae.

At BROG, we expect you to put our gear to the test. Even on your toughest adventures, we want you to come out on the other side with a sturdy, durable piece of product that'll last for years. We've engineered some more unscientific destructive testing to show you that our gear is the real deal. It's tougher than tough and we can prove it! Watch the following video to see us bring hell to some unsuspecting skottle bags. The squeamish should look away. We bring you the pull and drag tests!