Overlander Spotlight | 7P Overland - Mark Farage (at Overland Expo West)

Mark Farage has been overlanding for more than twenty years. Even before the term "overlanding" was coined, he was exploring the world through overland vehicle travel. His passion for off-road travel began in high school when he moved to Albuquerque, N.M. Many of his friends had off-road vehicles and Jeeps, which ignited his interest. His exploration of the outdoors continued through college. When he later began working for the government as a contractor overseas, he fell in love with Landcruisers and his adventures have continued.

"I really like getting out and exploring. For me it's a mode of transportation to do what I want to do.” In his overland journeys, Farage enjoys fly fishing, camping, hiking, climbing, and hunting, and anything that allows him to be outside.

Farage works with 7P Overland. He first became involved with 7P Overland at the very first Overland Expo East. He applied to teach classes about overlanding go bags. He has worked with 7P Overland for several years now and has really had a great time with it. “They are just a great group of guys,” Farage said.

7P Overland's mission is to help beginners develop the skillset to go out and explore on their own; whether in the U.S. or internationally. Farage spent Overland Expo West 2018 in the camel trophy expedition skills area meeting and teaching new overlanders. The program is designed around a set of four classes. These classes teach beginners everything from basics of overland driving through advanced overlanding techniques. The 7P course simulates a variety of different terrain types. Each class helps drivers learn to navigate and respond correctly to whatever the trail offers. Farage also teaches a wide range of classes including fire prevention and vehicle maintenance, as well as preparing go bags and first aid kits.

The continuity being handed down by 7P to the next generation of overlanders, is something Farage admires very much. Farage has enjoyed working with legends of the off-road community such as Jim West, Duncan Barbour, Andy Dacey, who all have camel trophy experience. “They are passing on that generational information to the next group,” Farage said. “Hopefully overlanding, the technical off-roading, and all those things that come along with it aren’t lost; in essence we are teaching that next generation.”

Learn more about 7P at: 7p.io
Learn more about Mark Farage’s firearms training company at: FaragePrecision.com.
Find Mark on Instagram as: farage.mark.