Unscientific Destructive Testing: MOLLE Panels Strength Test

At BROG, we build a LOT of stuff. So we thought it would be fun to finally tear some things apart.  We compare the thrill of destruction to knocking over a block tower, destroying a younger sibling's newly completed sandcastle, or crashing through a tediously raked pile of autumn leaves. In the first episode of our new series, Unscientific Destructive Testing, we test the durability of several different samples representing several popular build techniques.

Using a 10,000 lbs. load cell connected to a winch on a Land Cruiser, we measured the pounds of pull needed to destroy the following; mil-spec webbing bar-tacked to 500D cordura fabric, triple-stitched webbing to 600D polyester, 500D cordura sewn to 1000D cordura, laser-cut felt Velcro to 500D cordura, and 1000D cordura stitched to 1000D cordura.

The results seemed to prove what we already knew; nothing on the market is quite as strong as a bar-tacked BROG Product. Watch the following demonstration of our unscientific testing. And don't worry, no squirrels were injured in the making of this video.