New In the Shop: Expanded Collection of Unique I.D. Panels


Tools, recovery gear, first-aid, cooking equipment, or everything/anything you cram into your overlanding vehicle - it all needs to be organized so you can enjoy your travels and keep your sanity as you go.

That's why we are firm believers in ID panels - keep your gear labeled and you're a happy camper. Don't label and you'll be pulling your hair out looking for the waterproof matches in the middle of a rainstorm. Because most of our products feature prominent (Velcro brand) hook and loop it is easy to apply ID panels to anything you are packing away.

And now we are pleased to announce that our collection of ID panels is expanding! So you can not only keep your gear labeled and in order - but you can have some fun with it too. Our hook and loop ID panels are embroidered right here in shop, now with many more titles to choose from, and a heftier dose of our signature BROG humor. Check out the ever-expanding list here.

Let us know your favorites and give us any suggestions for future ID panels.