Overlander Spotlight | Frank Lopez - Adventure Photographer

“The only things in my life that compatibly exists with this grand universe are the creative works of the human spirit.” – Ansel Adams

Frank Lopez is an adventure photographer whose camera has led him to discover some amazing views. It all began out of a desire to travel and his passion for photography. "I wanted to do something I loved. For me, taking photos and traveling has been it," Lopez said.

So he picked up his camera and went. His desire was to find places that were harder to reach, with remote views. He now travels as much and as often as he can.

"You really have to see it for yourself," Lopez said. So far, he's been to Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. He's seen and photographed an eclipse, the ruins of a mining town, and many other breathtaking views.  

What Lopez enjoys the most alongside taking photos is traveling with friends, many of which he's met and made through the overlanding community. The people he's met along the way have been invaluable in teaching him what works for travel, introducing him to helpful gear, and creating memories.

Lopez believes that everyone struggles to find themselves, or their style, or who they are. "It's interesting when you find it in photography, because everyone see something different. Five people can look at the same thing, and each one sees it differently," Lopez said. As far as advice for photography, "you never know if your next photo will be your best."

When he is not on the road, Lopez does autobody paint. He also enjoys vehicle modification and making each of his vehicles reflect his personality. To see more of Frank Lopez's photography and videos, visit www.mrfranklopez.com or follow him on Instagram at mr.franklopez.