Journey to Overland Expo West 2018 (Travel Journal)

We had a great time at Overland Expo West 2018! It was great being face-to-face with so many of you and we can't wait to hang out again. For those of you who could not make it we hope to see you at Overland Expo East 2018. Our photographer and video creator C.T. Bell captured the trip with amazing photos and a short travel journal recap of how it all went down. Enjoy!


A small group of us left homebase in Bedford, Virginia all loaded into the BROG Van, complete with a trailer of bicycles, supplies, and our gear to sell at Overland Expo West.

About the time we hit Texas, we connected up with some old and new friends to form a caravan for the rest of the journey west. Passing through Amarillo Texas, we stopped at Cadillac Ranch and were surprised that strangers gave us free spray paint to fulfill our artistic visions.

On the 14th, we arrived in Flagstaff and dropped off our trailer. We were all ready for a few days of adventure before attending Overland Expo West.

We camped on the edge of Badger Canyon in Arizona, enjoying some beautiful views and lots of cactus.

The following day we then spent the day visiting Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Dam and swimming in Lake Powell.

We rented boats at Cliff Dweller’s Lodge and drove to the Lee’s Ferry Boat Ramp. The ramp is used for two kinds of travel; we saw both in action: 1.) Jetting up river for day trips to the dam, or 2.) Rafting down river into the Grand for 8 and 14 day camping trips!

After we shuttled all the boats to the river, we got loaded up and headed out. Soon we were speechless with the awesome views and sheer size of Marble Canyon and the Colorado river. We had just hiked above Horseshoe Bend the day before and It was an incredible experience to ride boats through the bottom and see tiny people up above.

We waved goodbye to a few of our traveling companions as they headed to the airport for home, while we turned our sights to Expo. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better adventure to fire us up for Overland West.

Upon leaving Expo, our group had now grown to four vehicles. Adding Jason Specht, Gabby Saliba, and Ben Knight of Mountain State Overland. They hadn’t been able to join us before the show, but now the Virginia crew was at full strength.

We bounced around Arizona and Utah. Finding some amazing places to hike and camp like White House, White Pocket, Vermillion Cliffs and The Grand Staircase Escalante.

One thing we did not expect was the slot canyons. We received a tip about them from a stranger and immediately our minds were hooked. We had no idea that the largest slot canyon in the world was nearby, or that it was so accessible; only a two mile hike from the road. So that is what brought us to the Wire Pass Trailhead, hiking into Buckskin Gulch.

On our final day, we drove through Zion National Park and finally Bryce Canyon, where we said our goodbyes and we split back into two groups for the trip home.


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