New In the Shop: Tire Storage Bag XL

You know this hopefully by now - we've always believed you can't let a good spare tire go to waste. Our new multi-purpose Tire Storage Bag XL is the latest addition to our line of modular spare tire storage solutions. This is not just an extreme version of our regular Tire Storage Bag - this is the bigger, badder brother that is built for greatness.

If your kids (or you, hey we're not here to judge) can't travel two miles without at least ten stuffed animals and five bags or clothes, then maybe this monster has your name written all over it. Or if you've dreamed of carrying the firewood and trash on the outside of the vehicle - or your fishing gear and lawn chairs - this is the magical bag of your dreams. Think of it as your veritable bag of tricks - let your imagination run wild! This is seriously our biggest bag ever, designed for your next big road trip or weekend away.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited first release with more available sometime after Overland Expo West.