New in the Shop: MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch

According to a reliable source (we Googled), over 70 percent of the human brain is made of water. (Although with some people, you could almost swear that ratio is a little higher). Did you also know that to create one pint of beer, about 20 gallons of water is necessary? (From that, we can only conclude that beer MUST be healthy). Water can dissolve more substances than any other substance, including sulfuric acid. And interestingly, it takes the average American home 7 YEARS to use the same amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in just ONE second (roughly 750,000 gallons). So water, it's pretty important. And at Blue Ridge Overland Gear, we want you to stay hydrated! That's why we've redesigned our classic water bottle pouches for a universal fit!

Our next generation of water bottle pouch is PALS/MOLLE compatible. Hook it to a backpack or seat back panel, or even your belt. The pouch features a large Velcro platform so you can add ID panels or vanity patches to dress it up. Each pouch secures closed with a paracord drawstring and ITW barrel lock. The pouch is padded for extra protection and insulation. It features our authentic, leather brand logo. Proudly made in the USA. We've made it even easier to carry your favorite water bottle. Stay hydrated — even if you water happens to be infused with Coffea canephora or barley and hops!