Overlander Spotlight - Ep. 5: Family Adventures Overlanding

“…If we’re going to do this - we’re going to do it as a family…” This is Jeremy and Jennifer Ruzicka’s heart for life and adventuring. As new parents they found themselves getting outdoors less - a practice they once did every weekend as a couple. Faced with a much needed vacation they revived their love of exploring - but this time with their two girls at the center of their travels. From camping in a pop-up camper, to boating, and then stumbling into overlanding, these avid adventurers have done it all as a family. This is the story of Family Adventures Overlanding and how parents can inspire in their kids a love for overlanding, exploring new places, and getting outdoors as a way of life.

Learn more about the Ruzicka family at: https://familyadventuresoverlanding.com/

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