A Message To Late Christmas Shoppers


The shop here at Blue Ridge Overland Gear is as busy as Santa’s workshop getting ready for the big day. Like the elves at the North Pole, we are committed to the art and craft of manufacturing quality goods with a fair bit of proprietary magic to boot.

Unlike Santa’s workshop though, we do not work our elves ‘round the clock. And they are not powered merely by hot cocoa and candy canes - although it gives a nice boost before the sugar coma sets in.

For all you late shoppers please understand that we make things in smaller batches - the same way a bakery might make your Christmas pies. But pies only need to last until Christmas Day and we want our products to last you a lifetime - so they take a little longer to make.

If you have not placed your orders yet with us, please know we will do everything we can to keep our elves in top shape so they can fulfill your order - but we literally are taking raw materials and turning them into top notch gear - now that’s magic! It is possible that Santa’s sleigh could leave before your order has been fully built. Please consider ordering earlier in the season next time around.

So, here’s what we can promise - if you order by tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018, we will do our darnedest to get you your goodies to put under the tree for Christmas Day. But it is still possible that your handmade goods will get to you after the excitement of Dec. 25th. Please understand our magic has it’s limits. We will do everything in our power to avoid this kind of outcome but our elves don’t sleep at our workshop - they have families just like you.

When you order from Blue Ridge Overland Gear you are supporting smaller scale, American manufacturing right here in the small town of Bedford, Virginia. We are not an offshore factory somewhere in east Asia. We still believe in quality, service, and making products that you can pass onto the next generation. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.