Overlander Gift Guide 2018

Overlander Gift Guide

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Overlander Gift Guide

Are you looking for gifts this holiday season for your overlander, adventure seeker, road-tripper, or off-roader? Or heck! Maybe you are an overlander and you want some handcrafted, American-made gear to give to friends or family. We've got you covered. Here are some of our favorites!

Not only is all BROG brand gear designed and made right here in Bedford, Virginia, USA by our small team - but everything we make has a life-time guarantee. If you break it - we'll fix or replace it. This year give the gift of rugged, handcrafted vehicle storage solutions, tool organizers, innovative bags and pouches for everyday carry or travel, tactical quality first-aid bags, camp cooking, and off-road recovery gear.

Don't forget! We are a small shop. Place your orders early to get them before the holidays!

Tool Bag | $129.99

The Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tool Bag will keep the exact tool you need in hand. Six removable hook pouches attach to an inner, large loop platform. The bag also has exterior 1" webbing to attach MOLLE pouches on the front. The string-reinforced clear vinyl pockets allow you to quickly identify pouch contents. We've created the perfect bag to house all your much-needed tools. We gotcha covered.

Tool Pouch Roll | $99.99

The BROG Tool Pouch Roll features four 4x12x2” hook-back Velcro pouches. The pouches secure to a large compatible loop Velcro platform. These pouches offer enough space to hold a 237-piece Kobalt toolset. When unrolled, the roll measure 31 x 12". Store additional items like screwdrivers between each pouch. Mil-spec webbing rows of MOLLE on the outside of the roll allow storage for items like breaker bars and larger wrenches. The webbing straps and buckles are adjustable; this roll will mount to a rollbar. A mil-spec webbing handle makes the Tool Pouch Roll durable and easy to carry. The lay-flat design allows you to have maximum visibility and accessibility of the exact tool you need.

Tool Pouch Sling | $69.99

The Tool Pouch Sling is a truly versatile way to store and secure your go-to tools or even first aid items. With just a few quick snaps, it goes from a shoulder carry sling, to a square-foot, lay-flat platform, to a panel that will clip and secure to a vehicle seatback.

It's made of durable, coyote 500D nylon cordura. The Tool Pouch Sling holds two of our largest Velcro pouches; the 12 x 6 x 2”. This is enough space to store a 237-piece Kobalt tool kit! The pouches are removable, and secure to a Velcro platform.

Visor Organizer | $25.99

This organizer features two Velcro platforms instead of one. Just like our classic MOLLE Visor Organizer though, it's still a great place to stash all the stuff that's cluttering up your center console, floor, dashboard, or glove compartment.

The Velcro Visor Organizer is made from tough, 500D nylon cordura. On one side, there's a zippered pouch that's just right for folded paperwork, maintenance logs, and receipts from all those trips. Also, the Velcro front is a great placed to add your favorite vanity patches or smaller Velcro pouches. This organizer is a convenient place to stash small items, such as pens, pocket knives, tire gauges, chewing gum, lighters, and all kinds of small whatnots.

Or try the Large Velcro Visor Organizer >

Soft Shackle (for vehicle recovery) | $35.99

The BROG Soft Shackle is Blue Ridge Overland Gear's premier soft shackle. What we like most about the soft shackle is that it's much safer than shackles made of steel. If your shackle were to snap, which would you rather have flying at your face? A shackle made of steel or a soft piece of synthetic rope? We hope the deliberation process won't take too long! Get out soft shackle. Protect your face.

Made of Amsteel-Blue synthetic rope. Measures 20". Load rating of 19,600 lbs. 85% lighter than steel wire cable. 30% higher breaking strength than steel wire cable.

Roll-Up Dump Pouch | $22.99

The Roll-up Dump Pouch a simple solution for disposing of the trash that finds its way into your vehicle. Store trash and teach your kids the valuable lesson of cleaning up after themselves! An ITW GrimLoc clips around the bars of your headrest or to a MOLLE panel. The bag is easily detachable for trash disposal. Rolls close and secures with hook and loop Velcro to secure contents. Though not entirely waterproof, the bag will contain small spills without leaking.