Unscientific Destructive Testing | Tire Storage Bag (New Video)

In this episode of Unscientific Destructive Testing, Matt and the BROG team tested the strength and durability of our Tire Storage Bag with both a pull test and an abrasion test.

In Part I of this video, Matt used a structurally sound Tire Storage Bag with only a cosmetic defect for the demonstration. Using a 6,000 lbs. load cell, he tested the pulling force necessary to destroy the hardware, the bar-tacked webbing on the bag, and the handle.

In Part II of the video, Matt dragged 50 lbs. of sand in one of our bags across the surface of the road. The test determined just how far the bag would travel before abrasion causes the sandbag to come apart.

Prepare to have your mind blown by the amount of force it takes to destroy one of our bags. (Spoiler alert) If your placing bets, shoot for the higher numbers!