The 10-slot Wrench Roll

Introducing the 10-slot wrench roll. Always have your wrenches in line!

Introducing the 10-slot wrench roll. Always have your wrenches in line!

Why is it, whenever you need a specific size wrench, it seems to have dropped into a black hole? Every other size wrench in the set is right where it should be, but #@$! — you can't find the one you need! The head-scratcher is that you don't remember loaning it to anyone. You don't remember the last time you used it or why. What should have been a fifteen-minute project has now turned into an entire Saturday morning affair. Now here you are, spending your day off from work, digging through stuff and swearing with enough fervor to make a trucker blush. You've been through all the junk drawers in your kitchen and garage. It’s officially nowhere to be found.

With a mounting feeling of dread, you realize what needs to be done.

Your simple Saturday morning project will now include a trip to Wal-Mart. Because it's so unbelievably crowded on the weekend, you absolutely hate Wal-Mart on Saturday mornings. Also, the moment your wife and kids hear that you're going to Wal-Mart, they are all in too. Great. It's a family trip now. Instead of just a quick visit to the home repair department, it's turned into a "we-need-groceries-and-the-kids-need-to-pick-out-a-birthday-gift-in-the-toy-department-trip" ... #@$!

When you finally get to the hardware section (you should have known), Wal-Mart doesn't have the size you need. Great. Now you'll have to hit up a hardware store. You have to track down your wife (who seems to be doing her highly imperative grocery shopping in the shoe department —  funny, how that works). But wait — she still has stops in the actual grocery and toy departments to make before you can leave. You trudge along, trying to ignore the start of a headache as your kids tear through two more departments like a band of Viking marauders. Eventually, you get everyone through checkout. You're finally in the car, albeit with a bunch of stuff you didn't need. But the hardware store will still have to wait. Why? Because it's lunchtime and everyone is hungry. So you thunk your head on the steering wheel and agree to treat everyone to McDonald's. Although, at this point you’d gladly take a beer over food. (Really McDonald’s?! Would a “McBeer” combo be too much to ask for?!)

You get to McDonald's. They get your order wrong (you're starting to feel like Michael Douglas in "Falling Down," what next!?) The smart-mouth kid behind the counter wants a minimum wage hike to $15 per hour, yet he can't successfully get cheeseburgers and fries onto a plastic tray (90 percent chance — am I right?) Then you lose one of your kids in the ball pit at the playground area. He's running wild, without shoes ... or pants! WTH?! For a split second, you contemplate leaving him there like that; at least until this fool's errand is over and done. Then you decide your wife might just try to kill you in your sleep if you do. So you track down his pants and both of his shoes. You manage to get him dressed and wrangled away from the play equipment. 

You get everyone in the car, again. Now it's only a three-mile drive to the hardware store — but shocker — no one used the restroom for the entire hour and a half you spent at McDonald's. So, you have to stop at a gas station, unload the whole crew, and wait for everyone to take a pee break. The kids all want M&M's. This one wants Gatorade, that one wants a Coke. And on and on it goes.

You finally, FINALLY, make it to the hardware store. You find your wrench. You're so relieved that you almost don't care that your kids are now running laps around the plumbing section of the store. The little one has shucked his shoes and pants somewhere again (what is it with that kid and wearing pants?!) The kicker is, you end up paying way too much to replace the same wrench that has gone AWOL at least three times already. Before you know it, your Saturday morning — heck, your Saturday afternoon — is burned up.

Now your kids are cracked-out in the back seat; tittering on a sugar high from Coke and M&M's. While they are fighting over who gets the last blue M&M, your wife decides she needs to stop at three more stores. She doesn't get why you are in such a hurry to get home. 

We get it. The struggle is so real. You could've spent this entire day doing almost anything else with your family. A nice peaceful trip the lake. A trail ride through the mountains. But no. All because of a misplaced wrench. The good news is, we can help. Our 10-Slot Wrench Roll will store up to ten metric or standard wrenches. We offer two colors; one for your metric wrenches and one for your standard wrenches. The roll secures with a Fastex Buckle. It's made of durable, mil-spec webbing and hand-crafted in the USA. Get it together, man. Cut the struggle. Get our wrench roll and save yourself a whole day of trouble!

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