Design & Build - Ep. I: Off Road Air Tool Bag

The definition of an "origin story," (as presented by our highly skilled team of Googlers), is "a back-story revealing how a character becomes a protagonist. It adds to the overall study of a narrative, often giving reasons for their intentions."  

Every superhero needs a strong origin story; an account of how the struggling and celebrated protagonist began. How else would we know about Superman's infantile exodus from the planet Krypton?! Or the two-hundred-year back story of Wolverine before he did the backstroke in a pool of Adamantium?! Or that President Trump's hair once had an unfortunate industrial freak accident involving a berserk leaf blower and a bag of Cheeto dust?! (No disrespect intoned — just all-in-good-fun, objective political satire!) But I digress; we'd like to present to you the origin story of the latest in our superhero gear innovations; the Off Road Air Tool Bag. See how this bag became the butt-kicking, air tool-storing piece of gear that it is!

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