The Off Road Air Tool Bag

Picture the scene: You are in a rented cabin in the Catskills for a few days of relaxation. You are miles upon glorious miles away from anything stressful, work-related, responsible, or pressing. Perhaps you’ve got a fire roaring in the giant stone fireplace. Perhaps you have a crockpot of homemade soup simmering; filling each room to the beams with the savory aroma of bubbling beef and vegetables. You have blessed silence, aside from the crackling and occasional pop of the fire. Nothing but you, blessed time to waste, and an eleven-hundred-page novel that’s calling your name.

But the best part? That’s outside. Because overnight, eight inches of fresh, white powder has fallen.  And the time has come to have some fun. The soup will simmer. The fire is winding down. And the novel can only wait for you. It’s time to crash some drifts and blaze a snowy path with your Jeep.

Like a good boy or girl, you know that you should probably air down your tires before you set out. You know in your mind that the theory is a simple, but sound one; the less pressure you have in your tires, the better the tire will conform to the ground, giving you greater traction. You’re also less likely to pop a tire on a sharp root or rock. While airing down can be a nuisance, it doesn’t have to be the one fly in your perfect-weekend-getaway-ointment. At Blue Ridge Overland Gear, we’ve taken away the pain of airing down by creating the Off Road Air Tool Kit Bag. It keeps everything you need to adjust your tire pressure in one convenient, easy-to-carry bag. It’s a great place to keep inflators, deflators, air lines, and gauges. It’s also designed to partner with the ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit. Relax. Enjoy your Snow Day. We’ve got you covered.

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