Off Road Recovery Gear Backpack - Video Overview


You just had to take that enticing, dirt-road "shortcut" that didn't seem to be on any maps. You ignored protests from your wife. You dismissed the pleas from your kids. (They couldn't possibly need another bathroom break; you've stopped at least five times in as many hours).

You wouldn't admit it to your wife, (even under the threat of death), but as the minutes turned to miles along this "shortcut" you were a little lost. Ok. Scratch that — a lot lost. As lost as the proverbial bastard on Father's Day. You stopped once to fruitlessly study the map. Only to hear your wife say, "Good job there Indiana Jones, we're lost aren't we?"

You dismissed her with a "Pffffft, dear, simple woman. I am NEVER lost. I always know just where I am." It sounded good. Strong. Decisive. Authoritative even. But she didn't look convinced. And you began to sweat. You could feel those eyes like knives, digging into your soul and wordlessly screaming, "Stupid. I told you not to take this road!"

You eventually thought you had your bearings. You were even mentally preparing the smug remarks for your wife, (see honey, I really did know where I was going all along. You just need to trust me, because let's face it I am — "the man.") when suddenly, you hit a teeth-jarring rut that stops you on the spot. After you scrape your kids off the ceiling and deflect the daggers that the missus is throwing at you with her eyes, you realize that you are stuck. Can't go forward. Can't go back. Stuck.

You get out of the car, and with tragically comedic timing, it begins to pour down rain. It would seem that you are lost, "hangry," cold, stuck, persecuted, and wet.

Now up until this point, you're decision-making skills on this trip haven't been on par with the sharpest tool in the shed. We hope that you can salvage a shred of dignity and pull out the 7P Vehicle Recovery Gear Backpack. I mean, let's face it; this is an emergency. Apparently, your kids were serious about needing that pee break. Your back seat is about to be flooded. And If you have girls, there's no way in hell they will leave that car to pee in the woods, cause why? Cause "bears," and "EWWW daddy, that's gross!" I mean there could be bears ... or homicidal rednecks who think you've got a pretty mouth. You clench up, Ned Beatty-style, at the thought of that. You look around nervously. Additionally, everyone is suddenly starving to death and about to die of boredom. And let's also not forget the very real possibility that ol' Mrs. laser-beam eyes is about to blast you and leave you for dead if you don't fix this. Quickly.

Assuming you do have the 7P Vehicle Recovery Gear Backpack, you've got everything in place to turn this moment around. It is a great place to store things like gloves, splicing kits, pulleys and snatch blocks, bow shackles, soft shackles, winch extension ropes, and non-kinetic recovery straps. It comes with a backpack harness. You can keep everything you need in this one bag. Our 7P Vehicle Recovery Gear Backpack has room to store everything you could possibly need for recovery. With this bag fully kitted out, you can go from "dumbass in the headlights," to "super-hero dad and hubby" once more.