Overlander Spotlight - Ep. 3: Sarah Blessington (Video)

“I had never really traveled alone…I always had support. And I was like, you know what, I’m going to see if I can - I think I can but let’s put it to the test.” Leaving Hawaii by plane with a one-way ticket to San Francisco, one woman was preparing for a cross country trip to Asheville, North Carolina…by scooter.

What would it be like to travel alone on one bold adventure across America by scooter? In this month’s Overlander Spotlight we feature an interview with Sarah Blessington when we crossed paths at Overland Expo East 2017, as she recounts her trials and triumphs of soloing with the occasional help from strangers and friends along the way.

Learn more about Sarah's past, present and future adventures at: Timber Me Ginger (SarahBlessington.com)

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