BROG Tool Bag Challenge!


Will this bag replace a regular-sized toolbox? Read what one BROG tool bag user had to say: "...This bag has replaced about four toolboxes that I used to use. With having everything in one bag, it's easy to grab and easy to find. It has really helped out."

People everywhere just seem to be drawn in by a good challenge. A few in recent history come to mind. The ALS ice bucket challenge was for a good cause; raising awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The cinnamon challenge, which just looked painful — and really — what was the point other than putting your sinuses through thermo-nuclear hell? There's the Kylie Jenner lip challenge (save yourself some brain cells, DON'T look this one up). We ran across something called "sausage rap?!" (Google that one with caution if you will, realizing there are some things that cannot be unseen, we chose not to!) And there are some delightful YouTube videos of rednecks taking "the hot pepper challenge." The videos are replete with a good amount of swearing and Rick Flair-esque screaming and hooting. They all seem to contain an overuse of the phrase, "WOW. THAT SUM-B***H _IS_ KINDA HOT! But still, entertaining.

Then there's the BROG Tool Bag challenge. Now if you're going to take this one, you really should get someone to hold your beer. The BROG Tool Bag challenge aims to answer the age-old question; can a BROG Tool Bag really can replace an entire toolbox worth of stuff? Well, challenge accepted. Please watch the video above and prepare to be amazed as Matt attempts to fit a 237-piece tool kit into a BROG Tool Bag. It just might have you saying "WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"