The Hitchhiker Hammock System

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Picture this: It’s an unusually warm, low- humidity, mid-October day in southwest Virginia. Indian summer, technically speaking. It’s just after noon on a Sunday. You had more to eat than usual for lunch, so you’re kinda sleepy. Now you’ve got nothing planned for the rest of your afternoon but a date with a good book and your favorite hammock. In the distance, you can see the Blue Ridge Mountains stretching across the horizon. They’re a little less blue today; in fact, they’re turning rosy in the golden-hued blaze of Autumn. You stretch out. When you close your eyes, you can hear the delicate sounds of a creek running in the distance. Maybe you can also hear the clipped honking of Canadian Geese headed south for the winter. The gentle, Fall breeze has you swaying ever so slightly. The afternoon sun warms your face as you rock. You wanted to read, but heck — a nap would be just as good! To quote former poet Laureate Billy Collins, “ the lion of contentment has placed a warm heavy paw” on your chest. Comfy yet? Now you can take that feeling on the road with Blue Ridge Overland Gear’s Hitchhiker! »$249.99

» The Hitchhiker hammock holder secures into a receiver hitch. The assembly includes three easy pieces. Two locking tubes insert into the main bar. Hammock secures at welded metal loops at either end. Hang. Stretch out. Nap.

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