Camp Chef Everest Stove Bag

Camp Chef Everest Stove Bag

Imagine overlanding in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. The Big Levels trail in the Geroge Washington National Forest. It's the perfect Autumn evening. You've got your James Baroud Discovery rooftop tent open and prepared for a good night's sleep. The air is crisp and sharp. It's perfect campfire and hoodie weather. You've set up camp for the night. It's time to break out your Camp Chef Everest Stove. You've been salivating over the idea of your famous trail sausage and egg scramble for hours. You weren't sure about doing this leg of your overlanding journey solo, but it's so peaceful out tonight, you've got no regrets. The woods are alive with the nighttime hum of a cool wind and the occasional song of a wood thrush.

You are rounding the Cruiser, stove bag in hand when you hear a very loud crunch. You swivel around like a ninja and then freeze; spider senses tingling all over. The sound came just beyond your campsite, in the dark edges of the woods. What if it's a bear?! Instantly, you remember a recent news post about a bear attack in the Smoky Mountains. You briefly consider how quickly you can jump in the Cruiser, lock all the doors, and pull a tarp over your head. Then you remember ... you're a man. You straighten up, clear your throat, and try to look menacing. Then you hear more shuffle, crunch, pop sounds of something big moving through the brush.
All gallantry dissipates. You're a step away from dropping everything and letting the bear have your entire campsite while you run for your life, Cruiser included. What would you do if it was a bear!? Probably blow our your sphincter muscles with an incongruously jolly little squeaking sound, for starters. You hear something snort, less than fifteen feet away. You let out a short, girly shriek that even as you hear it, makes you glad no one else is around to witness it. You'd lose your man card for life if anyone ever actually heard you make that sound. But something is out there. And you're next thought? “This is it, this is how I'm going to die.” Whatever it is seems to be moving closer. You brace yourself, stove bag in hand, ready to swing it like Jon Rahm.

So what's your next move, Goldilocks? Lucky for you, that stove bag is made of mil-spec, tough 500D nylon cordura. That stove bag and that heavy stove together could make a formidable impromptu weapon if necessary. It features all mil-spec zipper and hardware. A 1/4” layer of foam padding keeps your bag protected during transport and hand-to-hand combat. Mil-spec webbing carry handles are sewn to the bag for maximum durability, and portability. This handcrafted bag is the perfect way to store your favorite stove or fight off marauding wildlife.


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